Forget about money!

Everybody can do it with money. Do it without!

I think each of us has experienced a situation, where the money loses its power and gives the way to your personal charisma, ability to be open-minded and, of course, to your negotiation skills.

Join the Professional Negotiators Club’s meeting on Monday, March 26. This time you’ll have a chance to learn how to think out-of-the-box as well as practice bargaining much having little.

>>> “Forget about money!”

Rebuttal to your argument

Does it often happen that you can’t reach an agreement only because the other party would constantly contradict all your arguments? How to disarm the opponents’ arguments? How to bring the conversation to a positive outcome?

These sensitive questions we are going to discuss at our next Professional Negotiators Club’s meeting. Come and join us on March 12 to get helpful insights and develop new skills!

>>> “Rebuttal to your argument”

Body language

Listening attentively to your opponent is the core skill of any successful negotiator. Active listening includes essential understanding of both verbal and non-verbal signals.

In verbal conversation, we understand ideas, worries, expectations that explain the nature of the problem. At the same time, the body is the most powerful tool a person has to express the true underlying interests.

Join us this Monday, March 19, to learn how to read body signals of your opponent and how to express yourself through your body.

>>> “Body language”